New Lebanon Cemetery

Greene County, Tennessee


While working on my family tree, I noticed most of my ancestors on my father’s side (McNeese and Kilday) were buried in the cemetery. This aroused my curiosity of who were the early families who settled in Lost Mountain, how did Dodd creek, Dailey Creek, and Tucker Branch get their names?  Who was the Adam Andes that is buried in the Cemetery? Why was there 3 large obelisk monuments in the cemetery. From this research, this site took its roots.

Buford Reynolds’s did a wonderful service to Greene County in his book ‘Cemeteries in Greene County, Tennessee’  which contained a listing of most of the burials in the cemetery up to 1967.  Bill Goodwin did an update in 2005, and my brother Jeff and I have done numerous surveys over the years.  Joe Kilday of Houston, Texas provided a lot of the data on the Kildays.  Barbara Southerland (Woolsey) has been a wonderful resource in providing church records.

There are a number of unmarked graves and stones in the old section of the cemetery whose names have long since disappeared.  The large obelisk monuments were  former Pastors of the church. 

In accumulating and presenting this volume of data, there are bound to be mistyping, misspellings, and errors.   Corrections and additions are welcomed, and will be included in updates.  I tried to note any veteran where the information was available.

Please send any additions or corrections to the following address:

William L McNeese